about Doc Jim

I’m Doc Jim, a visual & technology artist exploring and playing within the evolving, fluid relationship between technology, art and process to produce interactive, immersive and involving works.

  • Interactive light based art installations
  • Live mixing
  • Architectural and interior projection mapping
  • VR development in Unity
  • VR education|exposure initiatives

This site is a yet another digital identity and repository for endeavors. This shall serve as my most accessible digital face.

In addition to being a partner at nectar ICC in Charlottesville I am exploring a variety of tech and artistic pursuits: Virtual Reality and immersive, interactive art, projection mapping and live mixing are all areas of interest and effort. And finally: education.
I’ve waited 28 years for virtual reality to finally reach a point where accessible opportunities exist for legitimate use. Creating immersive experiences in Unity, live painting in Tilt Brush and using projection to bring the experience outside the headset and into the spatial gallery.

This process allows for an amazing virtual reality experience not just for the user but for all spectators. Sharing the experience, finding ways to involve….this is paramount.
Projection mapping structures, interiors and micro mapping are all projection based mediums that allow physical structure to integrate with the art. This is a most amazing chance to blend physical and spatial mass with pixels and narrative and a natural progression for my motion design.

Buildings, trees and trains are definitely not safe in the night…..
Live mixing and VJ’ing are interactive, real time pursuits that allow for an amazing creative outlet. Creating a visual experience for an event and then mixing it live, drawing the spectators into the mix with cameras and projecting it all massively creates tremendous energy.
Overall I am hoping to create art and experiences that immerse, involve and possibly educate. We need a lot individual creative expression out there.

With a history rooted in motion design, digital art and programming Jeff previously served as Creative Director of Ringside Creative in Detroit where he founded and developed their motion design group. There he serviced a range of global agencies working on a variety of national TV spots and campaigns. Prior to commercial work his focus was network identity design.   After moving to VA Jeff continued directing design and animation for a variety of clients both domestically and abroad.

ABC  |  Doner  |  BBDO  |  McCann Erickson |   NBC  |  JWT  |  Travel Channel   |  Flexus Belgium  |  Global Hue  |  CableComm Europe  |  Radio2 Belgium    |  Mondial RVA  |  Grid VFX Belgium  |  Odd Machine Chicago


Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Swider. Charlottesville,VA