about Jeff

I’m Jeff Dobrow (aka Doc Jim), a visual & technology artist exploring and playing within the evolving, fluid relationship between technology, art and process to produce interactive, immersive and involving experiences.

  • Projection Mapping
  • Large Scale Immersive|Interactive Installations|XR
  • Experiential Visual Content Design
  • Live Mixing|Projection Based Performance Art

Through my efforts I hope to create aesthetically engaging and impactful touch points between people and technology.

My origin is in early immersive/interactive experiences and I’m ridiculously passionate about related emerging technologies and their potential roles in our lives. GPU based applications are of specific interest.

Projection mapping structures, interiors and micro mapping are all projection based mediums that allow physical structure to integrate and share space with art. This is a most amazing chance to blend physical and spatial mass with pixels and narrative and is a natural space for motion design.  

Advances in real time generative environments like Unity when explored with volumetric capture can allow for infinite expression using attendee’s own presence, motion, biometrics and likeness in the experience. 

We’ve come a long way since Colossal Caves, Infocom and Scott Adams, however the lure of technology as a tool to expand our experiences is as strong as ever and working  with sensory immersion and personal involvement as ‘tools to create with’ underscore just how far we have come.

Authoring animation software to generate Z-80 code began an odd love affair with both technology and pixels. Through a few decades of exploration in programming, circuit design and 3D animation a cohesive theme emerged and continues to guide. Time spent in the commercial advertising world, designing for national and global outlets continues to allow exploration in the modern tech and trends of the craft. 

With a history rooted in motion design, digital art and programming Jeff previously co-founded and CD’d nectar icc, a Charlottesville,VA based creative agency after serving as Creative Director of Ringside Creative in Detroit where he founded and developed their motion design group. In Detroit he serviced a range of global agencies working on a variety of national TV spots and campaigns. Prior to commercial work his focus was network identity design.   After moving to VA Jeff continued directing design and animation for a variety of clients both domestically and abroad.

ABC  |  Doner  |  BBDO  |  McCann Erickson |   NBC  |  JWT  |  Travel Channel   |  Flexus Belgium  |  Global Hue  |  CableComm Europe  |  Radio2 Belgium    |  Mondial RVA  |  Grid VFX Belgium  |  Odd Machine Chicago


Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Swider. Charlottesville,VA

The facade of the Bank of the James came alive as visual artist Jeff Dobrow used projection mapping to create a 3D animated moving work of art Thursday night in the Fifth Street Station in Charlottesville, Va. The automated bank showed it’s experimental spirit allowing Dobrow the creative freedom to show off his one-night installation. Photo/Andrew Shurtleff Photography, LLC