Luminix | Event Design | Projection Mapping

In June 2020 the idea for a unique, light art-based event began to take shape.
Working with @ixartpark to design a unique fundraiser; a curated experience of sight and sound, energy,…..and expression.
“Luminix” was born and 4 months later we have closed on an amazing, diverse event selling out its socially distanced 2-night run.Using live DJ’s and EDM Producers to create the proper soundscape, mood and energy for the event was crucial in every way as music is the glue tying all of Luminix together into one cohesive experience.

Large scale projection at the IX Art Park has always been challenging due to the high brightness exterior lighting fixtures needed to keep the area well lit and welcoming!
Tests, talks and brainstorming yielded a unique and first “dark IX”, devoid of artificial light. Thank you Troy!
2 days of working with the dedicated and talented JF Legault of @theavcompany provided a massive wall of light on the IX via 3 large venue projectors and necessary infrastructure. I personally created 3 x 5-minute pieces to map and span the architecture, engage the music and keep an evolving ambient flow of sensory fulfillment throughout each hour long event session.

Once the IX was wrapped in light and sound multiple art installations and unique performances ignited the event for all:
Bad Hat Fire Troupe – Moonlight Circus – James Cunningham – Megan Hillary – 2sly – @djcopavida – @redflowerlake – DJ Suzy F’n Homemaker – Cara Dee – Brian Wimer- Thomas Vinson – Katherine/Adderall/Joe/Susan/Lindsey/E. Swider/DJ/…and ☀️everyone☀️who contributed energy to this successful and amazing fundraiser for our IX Art Park.? @elizabethswider Thank you for some amazing photography.