space snail
February 26, 2017
*Coincidental Sync | collab
November 10, 2017

live mixing

Performing live with amazing DJ’s and artists at events is something I am very passionate about.  The experience of connecting with various other event architects always creates unique experiences and synergies…not to mention good friends and amazing experiences.  I particularly enjoy EDM visuals and themed events where I can use cameras to blend the event participants back into the mix  create an immersive experience for everyone.

Personally I prefer to create custom themed content if time is available and have a nice array of beamers and hardware so I can mix multiple screens as well as map simultaneously.  So much fun!

I love sharing at events, and for me to enjoy myself and do my best to support the artists I need space stage right or left of the artist.  Connecting to the energy of the crowd and performance is important to me.

Similar to my gig poster work this really isn’t something I, personally, like to mix with money. All proper event fees will flow 100% into VR education initiatives.

A most admirable artist, Parker S. Galore from Richmond, VA designed an amazing feline head in his unique style…pro bono for an embroidery project from Lone Crow Couture (also of Richmond) for my amazing, supportive wife.

His art inspired me to re-interpret it into my process. I deconstructed the elements and reimagined them in pixels and in parts.  Next they were animated, rendered and re-built inside of Resolume.

The final presentation was a mobile projection setup in Elkton, VA at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains where I live mixed the loops at sunrise projected onto the side of an old NAPA warehouse.