Stage | Structure Design Exploration Case
March 8, 2019

Visuals and Live Mixing | VJing

Designing visuals and creating content for events, festivals and experiences is a passion of mine that lends itself well to my love of technology and motion design.  Generative visuals, real-time audio reactive 3D, motion design and spatial interactivity are all areas that I explore. Whether designing structure mapping, visuals and VJ’ing or doing a stand alone interactive installation I strive to create impactful experiences for all those who experience my work.

This Generative Visuals piece is a quick Live Mix set to Yheti and Mr. Bill’s ‘Dissolve’.  Here I created various 3D visuals and worked with generative software to create a mood and feel that fits the track. Had a little fun with Yheti’s logo too.

Artist, Parker S. Galore from Richmond, VA designed an amazing feline head in his unique style…pro bono for an embroidery project from Lone Crow Couture. His art inspired me to re-interpret it into my process. I deconstructed the elements and re-imagined them in pixels and in parts.  The final presentation was a mobile projection setup in Elkton, VA at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains where I live mixed the loops at sunrise projected onto the side of an old NAPA warehouse.