I’m Jeff Dobrow (aka Doc Jim), a technology-based visual artist exploring the evolving, fluid relationship between technology, art, and process to produce interactive, immersive, and involving experiences.

Through my efforts, I hope to create aesthetically engaging and impactful touchpoints between people and technology. I’m currently working in technology-based mediums including XR, immersive/interactive installations, projection mapping, and live mixing/performance art. Education, sharing, and empowerment are large components of my efforts and I am open to collaboration and unique longer term opportunities.

Motion | Experience | Unity | Spatial Tech | XR | Projection Mapping

With a history rooted in motion design, digital art, and programming I previously co-founded and CD’d nectar ICC, a Charlottesville, VA-based creative agency after serving as Creative Director of Ringside Creative in Detroit. There, I serviced a range of global agencies working on a variety of national TV spots and campaigns. Prior to commercial advertising work, my focus was network identity design and branding. 

ABC  |  Doner  |  BBDO  |  McCann Erickson |   NBC  |  JWT  |  Travel Channel   |  Flexus Belgium  |  Global Hue  |  CableComm Europe  |  Radio2 Belgium    |  Mondial RVA  |  Grid VFX Belgium  |  Odd Machine Chicago | The Looking Glass Immersive Museum | UVA | IX Art Park | Various Municipalities

I prefer EPSON projection and for best results I work with The AV Company.