Adaptation is an AR Art installation in pre-production utilizing new Google persistent Cloud Anchor technology to create an experience viewable by the public, en masse, simultaneously for a duration of up to a year at a "specific, precise location". 
This is extremely exciting for many potential industries/areas including the digital landscape of XR art. The shared, accessible nature of this technology lends itself well to free public exhibitions and installations, as architecture can be tracked and modified.
Adaptation explores a structural interpretation of the 'virtual' normalizations taking place in so many areas of our lives from enhancing our cognitive reach to accomplishing so much from the comfort of our homes. 
This piece is a conceptual proof of concept.
/Pitched/passed and shelved for the moment.
So much going on with real-time, interactive art thanks to continued advancements in GPU technology.  Rendered pieces, played linearly are losing ground to interactivity, reaction, real-time control and impermanence. 
This work was recorded in real-time from Unity reacting to an amazing sample from  @redflowerlake 

Everything here can be wired, controlled, and manipulated in real-time via midi: camera control, lighting, effects....etc.  VFX Graph is supplying more particles than ever....without breaking a sweat.
This was done in an effort to develop new, more impactful, and dynamic content.  Look for a real-world debut soon!
Warm nights are hard to resist.  Playful fun at the enchanting @ixartpark
Hoping to realize and express so much in 2020. Many great opportunities and connections in the works. Much thanks to all who help and support.☀️🐇🕳
Accidental Collaboration. @johnsarahjohn

So today I was working on integrating 2 synced Azure Kinects into Unity, while matching the room environment to project onto the room....creating an AR interactive stage.
John, in real-time 3D mesh inside the Unity interface interacting with 3D meshes, while a cube is tracked to/following his hand. It all lined up and looked sick....❤️
I’m sad I missed @beatrixost talk and exhibit at Chroma Gallery however I ended up experiencing the works alone, with my pace and solitude it was engaging and raised questions....
@beatrixost latest work “Illuminations and Illusions” is at Second Street Gallery.
Mapping again on the Landmark. Part of a larger piece that’s getting pushed forward a bit...
Exploring reflections.
Look Development. Upcoming projection mapping. TBD.
Design. 3D/2D.  Myth, lords.
Let Their Be Light Art Show.  Global Fidelity.
Playing about on an abandoned coal tower.
Caught in the act by @elizabethswider