So much going on with real-time, interactive art thanks to continued advancements in GPU technology.  Rendered pieces, played linearly are losing ground to interactivity, reaction, real-time control and impermanence. 
This work was recorded in real-time from Unity reacting to an amazing sample from  @redflowerlake 

Everything here can be wired, controlled, and manipulated in real-time via midi: camera control, lighting, effects....etc.  VFX Graph is supplying more particles than ever....without breaking a sweat.
This was done in an effort to develop new, more impactful, and dynamic content.  Look for a real-world debut soon!
Warm nights are hard to resist.  Playful fun at the enchanting @ixartpark
Hoping to realize and express so much in 2020. Many great opportunities and connections in the works. Much thanks to all who help and support.☀️🐇🕳
Accidental Collaboration. @johnsarahjohn

So today I was working on integrating 2 synced Azure Kinects into Unity, while matching the room environment to project onto the room....creating an AR interactive stage.
John, in real-time 3D mesh inside the Unity interface interacting with 3D meshes, while a cube is tracked to/following his hand. It all lined up and looked sick....❤️
I’m sad I missed @beatrixost talk and exhibit at Chroma Gallery however I ended up experiencing the works alone, with my pace and solitude it was engaging and raised questions....
@beatrixost latest work “Illuminations and Illusions” is at Second Street Gallery.
Mapping again on the Landmark. Part of a larger piece that’s getting pushed forward a bit...
Exploring reflections.
Look Development. Upcoming projection mapping. TBD.
Design. 3D/2D.  Myth, lords.
Let Their Be Light Art Show.  Global Fidelity.
Playing about on an abandoned coal tower.
Caught in the act by @elizabethswider