Looking Glass Interactive Installation

Months of hard work have opened to the public in the form of The Looking Glass, a multidisciplinary interactive art museum. This immersive art museum features a diverse group of artists who collaborated together for 6 months to create this amazing, unique space.
My contribution was a 60’x13’ projection wall and real-time volumetric capture stage. Using this I created 4 interactive vignettes embracing the enchanted forest theme of The Looking Glass. Each vignette embraces a unique aspect of both the technology, as well as the museum’s theme. A GPU heavy rain envelopes, organic shapes contrast in motion, visitors illuminate an ethereal butterfly and toss crystalline spheres in flowing mist.

The technical infrastructure is based on 2 Azure Kinects feeding an art workstation/Unity, NDI handles handoff to a mapping workstation supplying 3 HD blended projectors to cover the surface and fill shadows.