{ from a singular point} | Library of Virginia, Richmond

{from a singular point} is a piece inspired by “200 Years, 200 Stories”, The Library of Virginia’s Bicentennial. Two 18′ x 12′ walls present the piece through projection, as endcaps in an amazing exhibit designed by RIggs Ward Design of Richmond. The exhibit beautifully creates an experience celebrating Virginians whose fascinating narratives are housed in the Library’s collections and together reflect the stories of Virginia. This is one of many projects in the preservation and heritage space that RW has brought forward-thinking design to, and one of many rewarding collaborations.

“The projection experience, “From a Singular Point,” by Jeff Dobrow, is a stunning dynamic element that bookends the exhibit on two opposite walls. Featuring vibrant artistic stylings and kaleidoscopic animation, the ambient projection was used as an opportunity to move visitors in a novel way. The artwork represents a landscape of information, iconography, the growth of accessibility, and organized chaos evolving slowly over time.”MUSE Design Award Silver 2023 Winner 200 Years, 200 Stories

The piece is 4 minutes in duration and interprets the evolution of the library from one small room in the capital to its place as a hub of resources, freely accessible and invaluable in navigating our fluid, changing times. Artifacts, stories, and elements were drawn to serve as a cast in a tumultuous ebb and flow from chaos to form, disorganization to structure.

200 Years, 200 Stories The Exhibit, including {from a singular point} runs until October 2023. Projection provided by dual Epson LS635SU’s.