{ crystallofolia | Let’s Glow San Francisco 2023 }

{ crystallofolia } | Created for Let’s Glow San Francisco 2023

Winter brings a time of calm reflection. A period given to stillness, harboring change and beauty only found in unique manifestations brought by nature’s touch. A dance of curiosity and exploration embraces the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange building, giving us a unique and unexpected perspective into winter’s delicate and moving creations as we are led to Spring.

Crystallofolia illustrates Winter’s relationship with the ‘unexpected moments of unique and natural change’ Spring ignites. The Pacific Coast Stock Exchange architecture transforms, evolves and partners in this energy through playful, graceful and dramatic incarnations of dance, nature in transition, and visual interpretations of overlooked beauty.

Crystallofolia is an animated art piece created to work exclusively and intimately with the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange building’s architecture and is approximately 3:00 minutes in duration. The piece embraces “Visions” by CloZee as its sonic partner. Amazing projection support by A3 Visual.