I’m Jeff Dobrow, a technology-based Visual Artist and Creative Director exploring the evolving, fluid relationship between technology, art, and process to produce interactive, immersive, and involving experiences.

Creating thoughtful, interpretive pieces and engaging experiences in the Public Art, Themed Entertainment, Heritage, and Preservation spaces provides a wonderful opportunity to reach the public, reignite imagination, and renew curiosity! Leveraging artistic intent with technology can yield opportunities to see things all new! Through my efforts, I hope to create aesthetic and impactful touchpoints between people and technology; experiences that are engaging, beautiful, and thought provoking.

For close to 10 years I have created Mapping Art and shows for municipalities, universities, Unesco Heritage Sites, events, and festivals with 200,000+ attendance in over 17 countries. Stewarding these arts as they gain popularity is a large focus of my efforts, and working with entities and groups to best realize their intentions is a great way to create shareable, memorable, unique and lasting impressions with their public!

I’m currently working in diverse technology-based mediums including Projection Art, Interactive Installations and Live Mixing|Performance Art.

I’m always looking for opportunities to work with passionate, like minded people on amazing projects or to share, and help educate. Awareness and understanding is key in these fluid times. With these technologies making inroads into various industries, many are scrambling to find their place and position.

In a past life, I was a CD in the global Advertising industry and adjacent motion design spaces producing broadcast branding & commercial spots globally. I’ve observed the industry’s decades of ebbs, flows and change. Zork to The Attik,…to the fall of the behemoths and the rise of the boutiques….to wherever we are now. My origins are in early immersive/interactive experiences, GFX programming, and I’m ridiculously passionate about related emerging technologies and their abilities to inspire curiosity, build community and create joy. GPU-based real time applications are of specific interest!

Projection Art | Creative Direction | Interactive Installations | Motion

City of San Francisco, CA | Maymont Gardens | TJ Monticello | Library of Virginia | The Fralin Art Museum | The Karsh Institute | Wilkes Barre University | Riggs Ward Design | City of VA Beach | University of Virginia | Swannanoa Palace | City of Charlottesville, VA | Discovery Network | Mondial RVA | BBDO | McCann Erickson | JWT | Flexus Belgium | Virginia Film Festival

I really like EPSON projection. And cats.